Dear Survivors,

Within Rules of Survival, we do our best to provide a fair experience for all. However, there have been a number of players that use third party software to gain an unfair advantage over others and disrupt the fairness of the game. We want to make it very clear that is unacceptable behavior and there are consequences. We also want to be as transparent as possible in what we are doing to combat this issue.

To Be Clear, reporting Suspected Cheaters In-Game is the most efficient method to make sure that the proper channels are notified.

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-We Are Further Taking The Following Actions-

1. We have an Anti-hacking System in place that is constantly updated & adjusted.
2. A professional Anti-hacking Team for cheating, including tracking cheaters in-game and reserving the right to pursue legal action against the creators of any cheating software that is being used.
3. We will also be publishing a Weekly List of Banned Survivors for Cheating (List will be published in the following days)
4. If you are unable to Report in-game, you may Report Players for Cheating by clicking here and providing evidence, the replies will only be visible to the Author & Admins.
5. There is no one solution against cheating, however we are continually on the offensive against it and will keep everyone updated.

RoS Community Team

*Third-Party software includes any programs or files used to gain an advantage within the game that is not part of Rules of Survival. This includes plug-ins, scripts, or any tools that modify the game itself.