A completely new map has been added to the game of Rules of Survival. The New is called ‘Fearless Fiord Map’ and pretty sure if you are an active player of Rules of Survival you must have already played a couple of matches in this bran new arena.
The new map on one hand has some really beautiful graphics and scenery to check out, must don’t get lost and be caress, Because there is something called New Anti-Personnel and Tank mines in the game and just for you guys we will go in details about them and explain you everything about Mines in the game of Rules of Survival.

[Anti-Personnel Mines]

These are fairly easy to spot. You can see them by the pulsating red light that signals the proximity to one. You must be careful when nearby one, even if you don’t die from triggering it, you will definitely reveal your location to other Survivors from the explosion.
Trigger Area: Expanding Square
Trigger Range: Fatal within 5 meters

[Anti-Tank Mines]

While some New Vehicles were introduced, vehicles in general will definitely be taking a beating with the New RPGs and Anti-Tank Mines. They are again easy to spot with the red light pulses.
Trigger Area: Expanding Circle
Trigger Range: 6 meters, fatal if hit directly (only triggered by vehicles, not activated on foot)
It can be difficult to avoid if speeding in a vehicle and they pop up, as evidenced in the below clips. Luckily as you are going quickly, just entering the trigger range will only cause minimal damage, however if you take a direct hit things won’t go so well…
Direct Hit
giphy (1).gif
Hopefully you guys have learnt enough about the Mines, and won’t get yourself and your teammates killed because of these nasty mines, also don’t forget to let us know what do guys think about this addition of mines into the game?