Hello Survivors, the New 8×8 Map with support of 300 Survivors has been introduced in the game on 7th of February and it’s look like people are greatly enjoying it.

With a total area of 64 km and 32 unique places to explore it is going to be difficult to choose that perfect spot to drop when you jump out of the plane, especially with 299 other survivors right behind you.
Today, we will go through a few of the best drop zones on the new map for quickly stocking up on weapons, armor, and equipment before taking down other survivors and getting that crispy chicken dinner/


Located near the bottom right of the lower island, you’ll find the Pyramid structure with surrounding out-lands. The outside of the Pyramid is mostly in decay with little beyond the massive pyramid, leaving few spots to hide or camp. There are a few areas though where a lot of loot can be found for gearing up early in-game.
  1. Near the Main Gates – there should be a cache of weapons and & armor.
  2. Inside the Pyramid you’ll find a large stockpile of armaments to give you a head start.
  3. On the surrounding platforms to the left and right you’ll find plenty of loot on the on crates, similar to the old map.

[Sea Wolf Port]

The location is near the middle right of the lower island, near an intersection of the rivers. If it is possible to land on the rooftops, do so as they will have plenty of weapons & equipment for you to choose from.
The rooftops also offer a perfect view of the surrounding areas and is a good spot to snipe other survivors from if you obtain the right weapon. From there move downstairs to find some further loot and scout the nearby area.

[Blazing Winds Neighborhood]

A unique cluster of buildings is located in the far upper right of the bottom island. It features an orange 5-story house, which beyond being a good sniping point, if landing on the roof, has loot on every floor of the building. This should guarantee you to be fully equipped with several guns, backpack, armor, helmet, and plenty of ammo before heading out.

[Area 42]

Located on the upper island near the middle, Area 42 offers a medium sizes cache of weapons and equipment along with some unique vehicles for getting that early edge in the beginning of the game. If you remember from the previous article, this is a good place to drop if you’d like to find some Gliders, located near the outskirts~

If you pick an area to land near the outskirts there also possibly fewer players, so you’ll have time to stock up before your first encounter. A good strategy would be to quickly grab your weapon and head into the nearest house to lay a trap like below.

So that’s it for now, hopefully after reading all this you have learnt a lot and will choose the best spot to land and grab some great loot and take home that chicken.
Also before leaving don’t forget to let us know what you feel about the new map in the comment section below.