Hello to all the Rules of Survival Players, We know being a new player or even a experienced players it is a bit tough to understand the ranking system in the game but don’t you worry we are here with a great article on ranks and we promise you by the time you end up reading this article you will understand everything about the ranks in the game of rules of survival.


So the game starts from Bronze III rank, So you have just downloaded the game and started playing than you are obviously in this very 1st league.

Here is the list of all the Ranks in the game of Rules of Survival.

  1. Bronze ( Bronze III – Bronze II – Bronze I )
  2. Silver ( Silver III – Silver II – Silver I )
  3. Gold ( Gold IV – Gold III – Gold II – Gold I )
  4. Platinum ( Platinum V – Platinum IV – Platinum III – Platinum II – Platinum I )
  5. Diamond ( Diamond V – Diamond IV – Diamond III – Diamond II – Diamond I )
  6. Grand Master
Watch out this great video by HawksNest to understand about every single rank in the game.

Hope you guys have learned everything about the ranks, after reaching grand master it’s all about how much more you score and the higher your total score is the higher you will rank in the world leaderboard. ( Just Like Clash of Clans Legend Rank )

Also If you still have any kind of doubts related to the Ranks, do let us know in the comment section below and we will help you out.