Rules of survival is organizing a In-game contest in which you can win real goodies. The contest is called ‘RoSe Hunter Couple’ and it will held during this valentine week, Starting from 9th of February and ending on 19th of February.

Love is in the air! Survivors of the world, will you find love in a hopeless place? Rules of Survival is calling for couples of our 100 million players to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Pair up with your loved one and join our RoSe Hunter Couple battle to grab irresistible Valentine’s Day prizes! Partner up and have double the fun in Rules of Survival! Get ready to fall hard!

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How Do I Participate ?

1) CLICK HERE to register and get your unique invitation code.

2) Copy the invitation code and send it to your partner.

3) Ask your partner to click the link below to register and enter your invitation   code on their registration page, then their account will be bound to yours.

4) Once you have successfully formed a team your invitation code will expire automatically and you cannot get a new invitation code.


Thing to Keep in Mind !

1) The registration period is from Feb. 9th to Feb. 19th, which means that you can still register even after the event starts. But please note that your team’s performance is only valid during the event time from Feb. 14th to Feb. 19th.

2) You must form a team of two and can only form one team during the event.

3) You and your partner must be in the same server to participate.

4) There is no restriction on gender. Pair up with your loved one in Rules of Survival and get ready to pull some heartstrings this Valentine’s Day.

5) During the event, you must pair with your partner to play Duo. Duo will only support you and your partner participating. However, you and your partner can participate in different modes, e.g. Ranked or Zombie Mode.

6) The total kills per match of you and your partner will be added up on a daily basis.

7) Your final performance is the total kills of all matches in which you two participated. You can check your performance on the official event page.

8) The rank will be updated every day on the official event page, where the top 20 teams among all servers will be displayed.

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What Will I Get If I Win ?


1) All the prizes will be delivered based on the final rank.

2) We will reach out to prize winners after the event ends via in-game email to sort out prize delivery.