Hello Survivors, The New 8×8 with support of up to 300 Survivors will soon go online!
Today, we will be going over some of the big differences between the Old & New Map~
The first is that the 8×8 km map will have a total area of 64 km available for players to explore and compete in 32 completely new areas!

New 8×8 Map
Since the map is bigger, the distance between spawn points for weapons & equipment have also increased, survivors better plan accordingly for the extra travel. There will be some new vehicles introduced later on to cut the distance though.

New Vehicles, not hard to guess πŸ˜‰
Not only is the new map bigger but the training island has been increased and a proper stage given to allow survivors their time in the spotlight, as well as learn the basics of combat.

Old Training Island

New Training Island
The new map also modernized the bridges visually, with a special set of bridges connected to a central platform for players to compete for. Survivors should be careful if they wish to land here as the central platform is the only location with loot. The one who lands first though will definitely have the key advantage against others…with the proper weapon of course.

Old Bridges
The Pyramid has been upgraded visually, but the rich forests surrounding it have been burned away and only some short grass remains. This will make finding a good hiding spot extremely difficult. Make sure to watch your back!

Old Pyramid

New Pyramid
On the old map, all the waterside houses were on land, on the new map the same area has houses placed on a lake. This area is called β€œBitter Water Town”in the Chinese version, which will be a good spot for finding some amazing loot, checking out some beautiful scenery, or even creating the perfect rally spot for your squad when parachuting down.

Old Waterside Houses

New Bitter Water Town
That is it for this leak, make sure to stay tuned for more info πŸ˜‰ Also remember to take this with a grain of salt since it is from the Chinese version so the finalized version for Western release may be slightly different.