Dear Survivors, Since the new 8×8 Map is so massive there will be a number of new vehicles introduced to help cut down the travel time between spots. The battlefront comes from all sides, so the transportation for survivors will reflect that with land, sea, multi-terrain, and even air vehicles.
it’s time that we introduce one of the new air vehicles to you, the Glider
Max Speed: 100 km/hr
Durability: 140
Location: There are currently 2 known locations for the Glider to spawn~
  1. On the Northern Island, one may find it in Area 42 near the mountainous region.
  2. On the Southern Island, it may be found near (“Heroic Ridge” in Chinese) towards the southeast of the 3-lane bridge.
How to Fly: After finding and getting into the glider, you’d have to press the “Take Off” button to go into the air. Then you can use your finger to control the direction of the Glider.

Tips & Tricks of Glider.
  1. If an enemy engages you, you’d better get away fast, you can’t shoot from the glider so you’ll be a sitting duck in the air.

2. Take off from a high point so you can quickly gain altitude. It will also be better for you to avoid being spotted by the enemy.
3. Carry some extra fuel with you, although the glider uses very little once up in the air, it’s better to be safe than sorry while your soaring hundreds of feet above ground.

4. Actually flying the glider can be a bit tricky at times as you have to move your finger in the correct direction and compensate for wind. It will take some practice, but once you master it, you’ll be the ninja in the sky 😉

Conclusion: Whether you are rushing to the safe zone, ambushing the enemy, or rallying your squad, the Glider definitely will be indispensable for those lucky enough to get one. Just be careful of any weapon fire or you’ll be gliding down in a ball of fire.
There will be more to come as we get closer to the release of the New 8×8 Map. Make sure to stay tuned to the Rules of Survival Channel Facebook & YouTube to get the latest information.