Hello Survivors, Good news for all the Rules of Survival Players. The game has been doing great in the market and as claimed by the developers of the game it has toped the free game charts of around 50 countries.

The developers of Rules of Survival has been really working hard to fix all the bugs in the game as soon as possible, with this they are also, bringing out new updates every week with really amazing features.

This Time the game will be updated on around 23-25th January 2018, And the great news about this upcoming update is that after it, Players of Rules of Survival will be able to shoot while travelling in the vehicle.

According to the news now the side passenger in vehicles such as sports car, sports utility vehicle & yacht will be able to shoot on enemies while sitting in the car.

Isn’t it going to be so much fun, We personally can’t wait for this new update. Can you? Also do let us know what do you think about this new coming shooting while sitting in car feature in the comment section below.