Hello Survivors, NetEase is continuously working on their game Rules of Survival to make it much better every coming day. Since it’s launch on 15th November 2017 the game has already been update more than 7-8 times. And we believe there is already a huge line-up of the upcoming update. Don’t worry we will keep you updated about all of them that too days or even months before they come into actual play.

Now we have tried out our hands on this new update today, we cannot say when will this update will come to actual game but all we know is this is coming to the game for sure and that too very-very soon. This new update will bring up some new vehicles too, are you excited already? Let’s check out about this upcoming update in detail.

nhân vật nũ trong Rules of Survival

Their will be a new update in the game, you can say a Rules of Survival Marine Mode update which will allow the players to experience battle in as well as near the water. There will new vehicles in the game, including the some completely new water vehicles, there will also be new skins, character, new bikes, new bombs.

CANO nước trong rules of survival

Talking about this new water vehicle, there are a very high chances it will be called Cano, the advantage of this vehicle will be that it will be very fast which will allow players to comfortably run all over the map, it will also apply you to carry your whole squad with you as it has a total typical of 4 players. The main Plus point of this vehicle is that it will make movement in water very fast while talking about the disadvantage it will be easy to detect by the enemy as the Cano also makes loud sound also as this vehicle will be only able to move in water, the enemy will also know where you are heading next and can plan accordingly to kill you.

xe đạp trong rules of survival

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In Addition to the Cano, There will be also new bikes available in the survival game, it’s looks very similar to the yellow bikes, currently available in the game but trust me it’s quite different. This Red bike will have a sitting capacity of 2 players, thus allowing you to carry one of your teammate with you. This bike will also make less sound allowing you to move around the enemy without the danger of getting detected.

nhân vật nũ trong Rules of Survival

With all these feature there will be 3 New skins coming to the game. Including skins for both the genders. Which really looks cool and if used probably will also give you some extra edge when you will try to hide from enemy during the battle.

lựu đạn trong game ROS việt hóa

Also all big eyes will be on this new Gasoline Bomb which will also be added to the game in this update too. This new gas bomb are really dangerous and will deal very high damage, but throwing them will not be a easy job as the throwing range for this bomb will be less.

Also various bugs & problems will be fixed in this update. Now let’s us know what do you think about this update in the comment section below.