Hello Survivors, Are you ready to witness the biggest update in the history of Rules of Survival game ever, Than cross your fingers and hold your breath because a new update with a new game mode is coming in Rules of Survival very soon on 28th December 2017. Do you want to know more about this Upcoming Rules of Survival New Zombie update, than let’s check out.

First we better start with a sneak-peak video of the upcoming update. Here is a sneak-peak video of the zombie + Christmas update shared by the official Facebook Rules of survival App Page.

What is this New Zombie Mode in Rules of Survival Game?

It is a new upcoming game mode which will be added to Rules of Survival Game in this weeks update. In the update a few people of the players will start the game as zombie and will continue the rest of the game as a normal player. To win the game you will have to survive till the end.

The twist here is that the zombie will not be allowed to use any kind of weapon other than their own Fist. To Kill other players, Human Players can use any weapon fist, guns, bombs etc. but Zombie players will only be allowed to kill by using Fist ( Bare Hands ).

But With this all the zombie players will be given some special power which will make the game balanced and interesting. The Zombie players will have superpowers such as they can jump as high as 1 floor, they can run as fast a vehicle and their Fist will deal as high damage as a Shotgun does.

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When is this New Zombie Mode Update Launching ?

The update will be available to everyone after this weeks maintenance update which is on 28th December 2017. So prepare yourself for this upcoming amazing battle.

Also check out this another short video on Zombie Mode update which will further answer your bag full of question about this update in Rules of Survival Game.

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